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Pest Control

We take an environment friendly approach to pest control, using natural, non-chemical pest control methods where possible. Our goal is to ensure the protection of our fruit against harmful insects and diseases but also to minimise our impact on beneficial insects in the process.

We practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which is strategy based on long-term process of solving pest problems through biological control which sometimes includes the utilization of beneficial insects, manipulation of the habitat in the orchards or vineyards. Observing the weather and by predicting the life cycle development of pests and diseases allows us to estimate when populations could reach critical levels. In addition to this, we scout for pests in the orchards and vineyards continuously. This keeps us in touch with pest levels and thus we do not apply chemical sprays proactively but only reactively when necessarily.

We take part in the SIT programme in our region, a large industry initiative to eliminate fruit flies. Large quantities of sterile male fruit flies are released in the fruit production areas to disrupt the normal mating habits. We also participate in the similar XSIT programme. Pheromone bait traps are also hung in the vineyards and orchards to disrupt the life cycle of certain pest insects.