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Our People

Our staff are our most important resource and are vital to our farming success.

Fruit farming is highly labour intensive and we realise that without a well-trained, productive workforce we would not be able to operate our business. Denau has a permanent workforce of 250 workers and during the harvest season Denau farming employs an additional 250 seasonal workers. We thus recognise the importance of the contribution that our staff make to our farming operation and also our responsibility to their well-being and contentment.

At Denau we nurture good working relationships with our staff members through correct ethical practices, continuous improvement of living standards. Through ongoing training we provide skills development and personal growth opportunities for each of our staff members.

We operate three crèches for the staff children, caring for the babies and pre-schoolers while their parents are at work. This includes the care of children ranging from three months old to those that are ready to start primary school. The crèche provides age appropriate early child care programmes for the youngsters and also provides the children with three balanced meals per day. Denau also has an after school care facility which provides the scholars with assistance with their homework and skills development.