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Our Business

Denau combines traditional farming values with a modern approach which balances profitability with sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Denau Farming is a family fruit farming business, owned and run by the Naudé family. Our production units are in the Hex River Valley region and annually we produce 850 000 cartons of table grapes and 150 000 cartons of citrus. As we are still expanding our productions, we expect our annual harvest volumes to increase further over the next few years. The current Chairman is Pieter Naudé and he is assisted by his sons Fanie Naudé, Marinus Naudé and Pieter Naudé.

While Denau is a family business with traditional values, it is run according to modern business practices. All members of management, including the Naudé family members, have the relevant tertiary qualifications for their positions. The business is progressing along a structured hand-over process from one generation to the next. Denau functions according to correct corporate governance protocols with a competent directorship and an operational Exco.

Table grape and citrus production within the same business has a wide range of advantages that provides our business with a competitive edge. In short, these factors are as follows:

  • Harvesting season from January to August /September
  • Extended period of supply to receivers as well as extended period of income.
  • Optimising labour productivity with a very short off season.
  • Optimising infrastructure productivity (pack house and farm machinery) with a long harvest season.

We supply receivers and supermarkets in the UK and Europe