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Fruit Packaging

Top quality fruit needs to be packaged professionally to retain its superior quality for the export process.

In order to retain the quality of our fruit from production to consumer, Denau has invested in the considerable upgrading and expanding the company’s packing facilities and today we have three state-of-the-art facilities that are designed for minimal and gentle handling of our fruit during the packaging process.

In our grape division we have installed a new Softpro packing system, a revolutionary home-grown South African weighing and packing system based on a “per berry” not “per gram” increment measurement system.

We package our fruit as gently and effectively as possible. Our traceability systems ensure that each carton of fruit can be traced back to the precise orchard or vineyard it originated from as well as when and by which harvester it was picked. Our stringent cold chain maintenance protocols ensure the maximum possible shelf life for our fruit.

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